Insurance Planning

Life insurance is an extremely important risk management tool, especially for young families. In our view, life insurance can offer tremendous protection for your loved ones at a relatively low cost.    

At Glownia Financial Group, we can teach you about the various types of insurance available in the marketplace. For example, we can help you understand the pros and cons of using term life insurance versus whole life insurance. There are many other complicated insurance instruments available in the market, most of which we tend to shy away from.
We view insurance as a risk management tool, not an investment. For this reason, term life] insurance is usually the most suitable option for families looking for protection from the unexpected.  
We provide preliminary quotes so you can compare the costs of an individual insurance policy relative to the cost of group life insurance available through your employer. Importantly, there is no cost or obligation when we compile these quotes for potential coverage. 
Here are the steps:
  1. Data Gathering Session: We collect some basic information such as your annual income and outstanding debt. We also want to understand other funding goals, such as a child's future education expenses. 

  2. We'll Gather Quotes: A major benefit of being independent is that we can work with many different insurance carriers. Since we don't have any allegiances to a specific insurance company, we'll gather unbiased quotes for your review and consideration. We'll also discuss the different features of each insurance company and the policy offered.
  3. Application Process: If you like the protection being offered, we can move forward with an application. Depending on the insurance amount, we might need to schedule a physical exam for blood and urine samples, along with a health questionnaire.  

We value your time- it's your most precious resource. By allowing us to compile competitive quotes from multiple insurance companies, we think you'll save both time and money when searching for life insurance.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can simplify and organize your financial life, please give us a call today! 

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