Financial planning can be extremely complex. Just like you would get a 2nd opinion regarding a health issue, we think you should do the same for your investments.


We offer a free consultation if you’re unsure about the services of your current advisor.


Investors that might benefit from a 2nd Opinion:


  • Not sure if their investments align with their goals
  • Wants to better understand their current financial plan
  • Unsatisfied with the communication or service from current provider
  • DIY investor who wants a professional opinion to see if they're on track


The Process

During this complimentary meeting, we will review:

  • Your financial plan
  • Your asset allocation strategy
  • Your client service agreement
  • The fees you're paying


The Outcome 

1. You're on track! We love seeing other advisors doing great work and representing our industry.


2. We offer some new ideas. If there is a mutual fit, we can discuss options for broadening the relationship.



Find Out If You’re On Track