Financial planning can be extremely complex. Just like you would get a 2nd opinion regarding a health issue, we think you should seek 2nd opinions about your financial health.

We offer a free consultation if you’re unsure about the services of your current advisor


Investors that might benefit from a 2nd Opinion

  • Not sure if their investments align with their goals
  • Wants to better understand their current financial plan
  • Unsatisfied with the communication or service from current provider
  • DIY investor who wants a professional opinion to see if they're on track


    The Process

    1 hour confidential meeting to understand what your objectives are, and if they're being met

    During this time, we will talk about:

    • Your financial plan
    • Your asset allocation strategy
    • Your client service agreement
    • The fees you're paying

    The outcome

    1. You're on track to reach your goals - great ! 

    We love doing reviews where we see other financial advisors doing good work and well-representing our industry 

    2. We offer some alternative ideas for you to consider 

    If there is a mutual fit, we can discuss options for broadening the relationship

    Find Out If You’re On Track